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$200,000 an Acre book trailer – Doug Kelly

$200,000 an Acre book trailer

Here is the official book trailer for $200,000 an Acre: More Stories from the Albertans Who Built Our Neighbourhoods (1980s-2017). Enjoy!


  • By Moore Roy Reply

    Having read both books I was fascinated by all the communities these relatively few developers and builder have created. All of which have now become thriving residential communities for the homeowners and their families to enjoy for decades to come. These developers were stewards of the land for a while, with the primary responsibility to create communities for future generations and along with all the other players in the development industry, from builders, contractors, supplies, planners, engineers, municipal staff and politicians, also the shallow utility companies for telephone, cable TV, electricity and natural gas. All these people & companies have built our cities. Wow what a great industry to be part of that builds our province.

    • By Karleigh Stevenson Reply

      Thanks for taking the time to read the books, Roy. I’m glad you enjoyed them.

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