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  • 100K-per-acre-cover-dropshadow

    $100,000 an Acre


    $100,000 an Acre chronicles the unique characters and entrepreneurs who shaped Alberta’s land development and housing industry in the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s. Doug Kelly has brought to life and paper these important bits of Alberta history.

  • 200K-per-acre-cover-dropshadow

    $200,000 an Acre


    What has happened since the original publication of $100,000 an Acre in 2009? Alberta’s rich land development history is revealed now with a warmth, wit and passion seldom brought to this topic.

  • Book-Set

    Book Set: $100,000 an Acre and $200,000 an Acre


    This set includes both titles from Alberta author, Doug Kelly.
    Read the story about neighborhoods in this rapidly growing province, and the people who planned and built them. The books span 7 decades of land development history.

  • CALGARY-Map-Side-1-Combined

    Map of Calgary


    32″ x 24″ Map of Calgary Developments

  • EDMONTON-Map-Side-1-Combined

    Map of Edmonton


    32″ x 24″ Map of Edmonton Developments

Showing all 5 results