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Developers: Who are we? – Doug Kelly
Developers: Who are we?

Developers: Who are we?

We are good people. We are among you but you just don’t know us. We are thoughtful, caring and wanting to do the right thing.

So how did we get such a bad name? We’re trying to fulfill a demand while running a profitable business. There is demand for housing, industrial space, office space and retail space. There is demand for both affordable and expensive housing. People want it and are willing to pay for it, so that’s where we come in. We try to fill that need.

Our job is not easy because you can’t just manufacture housing everywhere. It requires planning, negotiation and communication. It requires complex engineering and innovative financing. It requires knowledge about legal surveys, construction management, marketing and local politics.

Could you handle a job like that? My books, $100,000 an Acre (1950s-1980s) and $200,000 an Acre (1980s-2017), are about the people who could.

To those who are critical of developers and what they stand for, I say, “Try doing it yourself. Try to get a permit, even if just to build a single-family home, one that may not exactly fit the bylaw, and you’ll get an inkling of what we go through.”

Buy $200,000 an Acre now.


  • By Len Lane Reply

    Doug Where do I get the new book, really enjoyed the first one seeing as I knew some of the characters.

    Len Lane

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