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Women in the industry – Doug Kelly
Women in the industry

Women in the industry

It’s often said that women are the superior sex. I believe this to be true, especially in the housing and land development industry. By nature, I believe women have a better penchant for marketing, and, realistically, most of our business is marketing. From the time raw land is bought through the initial design concepts, the zoning decisions, the types of infrastructure to be built, such as hard and soft landscaping, entry and amenity decisions, builder selection and community positioning, it’s all about marketing. Women are generally more passionate and more perceptive than men, which can go a long way to the success of both a development and a business. Tony Druett, former consultant and director of Canada Lands Company says, “Women are generally more incisive and sensible than men.”

Through the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s there were hardly any women in the business. Other than for clerical and secretarial work, no women were in management. Then along came Mary Cameron with Nu-West in the ’70s and Janet Riopel with First National Properties in the early ’80s.

There are many women in important positions in the business today, working as heavy construction supervisors to project engineers, landscape architects, architectural coordinators, lead planners, chartered accountants and survey technicians, to name just a few. I couldn’t cover them all in $200,000 an Acre. But five stories I did include may inspire more women to consider it as a future career.

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Photo: Lesley Conway, Hopewell Residential

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